• Technologies
    • ReactJS
    • SPFx (Sharepoint)
    • Power Automate
  • Key Features
    • Declare Conflicts
    • manage various user roles
    • Manager reviews, feedback and management plans
    • Auditor's review and feedback management
    • Email notification and execution of flow (Power Automate)
Introduction :

Introducing COI, a groundbreaking conflict of interest management solution built on Microsoft SharePoint. It empowers organizations to streamline the disclosure, review, and management of conflicts of interest, fostering a culture of transparency and ethical conduct.

Background :

Traditional way of managing conflicts often relies on paper forms and manual workflows, which leads to:

  • Inefficiency and Errors: Paper forms are time-consuming, prone to errors, and difficult to track.
  • Lack of Transparency: Manual processes delay clear communication and audit trials.
  • Inconsistent Management: Managing conflicts across various user roles can be burdensome.
Evaluation of the case :
  • Challenge: There comes need be it any organization for a centralized and automated platform to:
    • Simplify conflict declaration for employees.
    • Facilitate efficient review and management by managers and auditors.
    • Ensure transparency and traceability throughout the conflict resolution process.
  • Solution: COI tackles these challenges through a powerful technological foundation by providing features as:
    • A user-friendly interface simplifies conflict declaration for employees and streamlines review and management for managers and auditors.
    • Ensures data security and confidentiality by managing access to sensitive information based on user roles.
    • Employees can submit detailed conflict disclosures through a user-friendly online form.
    • Managers can review disclosures, provide feedback, and recommend appropriate management plans.
    • Auditors can review conflicts, provide feedback, and ensure adherence to ethical guidelines.
    • All declared conflicts, reviews, and management plans are tracked in a single, centralized location for easy access.
    • Using power automate, tasks like sending email notifications, triggering reminders, and managing escalation processes get easier.

Conclusion :

COI empowers organizations to proactively manage conflicts of interest, fostering ethical conduct and mitigating risk. By promoting transparency and ethical conduct, COI builds trust with stakeholders and safeguards a positive organizational culture.

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