• Technologies
    • Android Native - Kotlin
    • iOS Native - Swift
    • Admin/API - Laravel
  • Key Features
    • Two types of users 1) Saloon 2) Customers
    • Easy to use and quick saloon setup
    • Appointment booking
    • Real time chat
    • Payment gateway integration
    • google map integration to show saloon location
    • Admin portal for customer management, saloon management, payment management
Introduction :

In today's fast-paced world, convenience and clear communication are paramount, especially within the dynamic salon industry. Clients crave a seamless booking experience, effortless access to information, and the ability to connect directly with stylists. Salon professionals, on the other hand, seek efficient appointment management tools, streamlined communication channels, and a platform to showcase their expertise and services.

Glamify bridges this gap by offering a user-friendly mobile app specifically designed to cater to the needs of both salon professionals and their valued customers. Furthermore, It also empowers customers to discover new salons in their area, aided by the integrated Google Maps feature. This provides vital accessibility information, allowing users to choose a salon that conveniently fits their needs.

Background :

The salon industry, known for its artistry and pampering, often struggled with inefficient booking processes. Traditional phone calls led to long hold times, miss-communications, and disorganized appointment management for the salons. Lack of real-time communication caused missed service details and frustration for both customers and the salon professionals.

Therefore, a user-friendly and robust app solution became necessary to streamline booking, communication, and payments, ultimately revolutionizing the salon experience. Hence, Glamify came into existence addressing these challenges by providing an intuitive platform that streamlines the appointment booking process, facilitates real-time interactions, offers seamless payment options etc.

Evaluation of the case :
  • Challenge: The traditional salon booking process is often time-consuming, disorganized, and lacks efficient communication channels. Cash transactions posed security risks and reconciliation challenges. These inefficiencies resulted in customer dissatisfaction, missed revenue for salons, and a negative impact on the brand image.
  • Solution: Glamify offers an all-encompassing app that eliminates these issues by:
    • Simplifying booking and appointment management for both parties; salon admins & customers.
    • Fostering real-time communication through integrated chat functionality.
    • Enabling secure and convenient in-app payments.

Conclusion :

It took 90 days to complete the project in both platforms with development and testing. It empowers both salons & customers with a user-friendly, featured-rich platform. By streamlining bookings, communication and transactions, Glamify fostered a more efficient and satisfying salon experiences for everyone.

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