• Technologies
    • Android Native - Kotlin
    • iOS Native - Swift
    • Admin/API - Laravel
  • Key Features
    • Two apps one for driver and another for customers
    • Google maps API integration like address, distance, geo-coding, maps
    • Live Navigation
    • Strip payment integration
    • OTP verification
    • Delivery status management
    • Notification and redirections
    • Geo-Fancing
Introduction :

The application is for every one who wants to send their parcel / curriers within city or inter city. There are total 2 apps, one for users and another one for delivery person. The delivery person can any one who wants to earn some extra bucks. An admin portal through which everything can be manage on application. User can request a service for parcel by submitting a form. Nearby delivery guy will receive a request. Once accepted, the delivery guy will go to the place to pickup and deliver at the destination. A solution which makes people’s life easy and an opportunity to earn.

Background :
  • The mobile apps were develop for requesting a delivery service. Which can be use in any type of business and personal use. Here user needs to register in the application via registration form or by google or facebook. From delivery app user can register him/her self as delivery guy. We developed two separate apps to manage functionalities properly and for better performance. Both apps have real time navigation to track the order. So a sender can check where the delivery guy is. And delivery guy can navigate to destination by viewing a path. It was one of the challenging part of the app which we have achieved with many round of testing. The delivery guy can change status according to processes like at pickup location, picked-up, on the way, delivered. Delivery guy needs to take pictures while delivering the parcel to ensure the delivery. We implemented OTP service as well for authentication of receiving person. At the time of placing order request, user needs to enter receiver’s detail for confirmed delivery.
Evaluation of the case :

The mobile app is built in Android and iOS with Native development approach. The app have registration process. User can register via google and facebook as well. There are two apps one for user an another for delivery guy. Below are the list of functionalities we implemented : For user app :

For user app :
  • Startup page
  • Login
  • Registration
  • Home with google map and start address and destination address selection with google address API.
  • Form to submit with information and images related to parcel / courier
  • History
  • Real time update for delivery status
  • Push notifications
  • Redirect users based on in app push-notifications
  • Accept / reject delivery guy
  • Transaction history
  • Rating
  • Driver profile
For Delivery App :
  • Startup page
  • Login
  • Registration
  • Bank details
  • Vehicle details
  • Vehicle list
  • List of request
  • Detail request
  • Notifications
  • Real time navigation on in app google map
  • Status update
  • History of services
  • Transaction history
Proposed solution and changes :

We used MVC architecture to structured the project. Here we have used different third party libraries to achieve the functionalities. The heart of the app is real time smooth navigation just like any other delivery service app. We faced many challenges there and it took lot of time and efforts to solve and test issues. But at the end we did it and it was working really smooth and efficiently. We integrated google maps and other required google APIs like distance matrix, address, maps. Here to show realtime navigation, we used Through which we are able to show realtime updates on user devices. We also developed web admin panel and APIs in Laravel. Admin panel is also showing map with delivery boys location. For payments we used strip split payments. We split the amount between driver and the company. And maximum margin goes to driver so they can get maximum for their efforts. We used algorithms to calculate minimum distance and to broadcast request to those drivers within range. We implemented geo-fencing as well for drivers. They can specify area they want to get request for. We have taken care of many scenarios and have done lot much QA to identify and fix bugs. The app built in Java for Android and in Swift for iOS. As mentioned the backend was developed in Laravel.

Conclusion :

It took almost 90-100 days to complete the project in both platforms with development and testing. We follow a process like analysis of requirements, understand the use case, prepare document, divide modules in small tasks, start development and unit testing, do integration testing and fix bugs, move to production. This help us move fast and achieve targets.

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