• Technologies
    • Dotnet
    • JQuery
    • Html
    • CSS
  • Key Features
    • Shift management
    • Visits, care and medication management
    • Client and staff management
    • Timesheet and payrol management
    • Invoice management
    • Analytics
    • DevExpress Integration
Introduction :

iStaffrota is a platform that provide services in home-care and care-home sectors. It is portal where different companies can register them selves and can manage their staffs and clients. It has a web application and mobile applications on android and iOS platforms. It is a huge project where we have covered many complex requirements to make human life easy and manageable.

Background :

iStaffrota is SAAS platform where home care services company can manage their business. The purpose of this platform is to provide rota services along with care plans and medications. The platform is designed and develop keeping in mind that how one home-care / care-home company works and what kind of information they need to manage for their staffs and clients. It provides all those module to manage from creating staff / client, assign shifts to payroll and invoicing. It also includes medication list and todo task list as per client’s disease. There are many happy clients using the system and we are still enhancing the features and updating system on daily basis. The mobile app is for all 3 types of users, through which staff can easily post updates on work they do and client and admin can review their work.

Evaluation of the case :
  • The Web portal is developed with ASPX dotnet technology. It has 5 types of users 1) super admin 2) company owner / manager 3) staff 4) client 5) guest.

    It has cover modules like
    • Client registration and listing
    • Staff registration and listing
    • Rates, medication, care plan
    • Compliance, holidays, availability, entitlements
    • Invoice, payroll, self billing
    • Analytics (reports for analysis)
    • Access controls to restrict staff to access modules
    • It supports home-care, care-home and supported living companies
    • Notifications emails, chat, and many more
  • The mobile apps are available for 3 users, 1) owner 2) staff 3) client The app includes below modules :
    • Login
    • Status wise list of shifts
    • Shift and client details
    • Staff can clockin / clockout
    • Submit different activities and observations
    • Mark holidays and availability
    • Owner / manager can view statues and details for particular shift
    • Owner / manager can add / delete / assign / re-assign shifts and staf
    • Client can view statues and details for particular shift

Proposed solution and changes:

The web app was already built with basic fictionalities when we got this in our bucket. We take it from there and enhanced day by day. We have followed agile methodology . To manage project we are using JIRA and to manage code we are using Gitlab. There are multiple employees working on it and we are managing it well. There are many complex calculations and executions which we have developed and successfully deployed on production. We are having 3 environments there to manage, 1) staging 2) demo 3) production. We are using dev-express to integrate some of the complex functionalities and have done customisation on top of it as per requirements. The mobile apps are on native platforms and we keep updating it frequently to give more facilities to make user’s life easy.

Conclusion :

We started this project in 2020 and we are still working on it and doing enhancements. We are also fixing any minor / major bugs there and QA system regressively. We have learnt and explore many new challenges till now and we will keep learning more.

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