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    • iOS - Objective-c
    • Web Frontend - Angular
    • Backend / API - Java
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Introduction :

Trucite is more than just a mobile application. Designed & developed by Top-Notch IT to streamline citation generation and management. Trucite is a valuable tool for anyone navigating the world of research and citation management.

Background :

Manually compiling citations can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. Traditional methods like manual note-taking and library database searches are inefficient and lack portability. Researchers requires a user-friendly and reliable tool to manage their citations effectively.

Evaluation of the case :
  • Challenge: Researchers need a mobile app with robust citation management features having following features:
    • Easy and accurate citation generation across different academic styles.
    • Offline functionality for on-the-go research.
    • Secure cloud storage and accessibility from any device.
    • Seamless collaboration capabilities for research teams
  • Solution: TruCite addresses these challenges through a comprehensive technological approach. By streamlining the citation process, TruCite empowers you to focus on what truly matters – conducting groundbreaking research and making impactful contributions to your field.

Conclusion :

TruCite simplifies Topnotch IT's commitment to innovation. This mobile app empowers researchers to manage citations effectively, ensuring integrity and boosting research productivity. It is a valuable tool for anyone navigating the world of academic research and citation management.

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