• Technologies
    • Html / Css
    • Javascript
    • SPFx (Sharepoint)
    • Power Automate
  • Key Features
    • Dashboard to view summery
    • Respondent wise evaluation
    • To add response, comments and request followups
    • To rais clarification request
    • Reprots
    • Consensus, add score and meeting minutes
    • Email notification (Power Automate)
Introduction :

The Vendor Evaluation Tool (VET) is a cutting-edge solution built on Microsoft SharePoint by Top-Notch IT Consultant, that streamlines the vendor selection process for any businesses. This innovative tool leverages modern web technologies and automation features to improve data organization, facilitate collaboration across teams, and ensure consistent evaluation practices for the same.

Background :

Traditional methods of vendor evaluation often rely on manual process and unorganized data sources, leading to challenges like:

  • Time-consuming data entry through spreadsheets
  • Limited collaboration and information sharing between departments
  • Difficulty maintaining consistent evaluation criteria and tracking historical data
Evaluation of the case :
  • Challenge: Businesses now-a-days, require a centralized and user-friendly platform to automate data entry, facilitate collaborative evaluations, and ensure consistent selection practices based on objective criteria's set.
  • Solution: VET addresses these challenges by providing:
    • Automated Workflows: Streamlines data entry and task management through pre-defined workflows.
    • Dashboard with Summary View: Gain real-time insights into vendor evaluations with a comprehensive overview of key metrics and progress.
    • Respondent-Wise Evaluation: Evaluate individual responses and access detailed feedback for a clear understanding of vendor strengths and weaknesses.
    • Response Management: Admin/User can add comments, request clarifications, and assign follow-up tasks directly within the platform, fostering clear communication.
    • Consensus Building & Scoring: It helps in collaborating with team members to reach consensus on vendor scores, prepare minutes of meeting documents, and capture key decision points.
    • Automated Reporting: Generates comprehensive reports easily, leveraging data visualization tools for clear presentation of evaluation & results.
    • Email Notifications: Send/Receive automated email alerts for assigned tasks, deadlines, and critical updates throughout the evaluation process.

Conclusion :

Our Vendor Evaluation Tool(VET) is an easy to use platform to any kind of businesses for streamlining their vendor evaluation process. By automating tasks, facilitating collaboration, and providing valuable data insights, Top-Notch IT's VET empowers businesses to make informed vendor selections and achieve their strategic objectives & goals.

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