Hybrid Apps Or Native Apps

Hybrid Apps or Native Apps? Find out here!


Thanks to the mobile apps and smartphones, the business is growing at lightning speed. With quick access and interactive apps, your company can now target a huge audience. The most frequently asked question for developing a mobile app is whether to go for Native or Hybrid Apps. Well, the answer depends upon your requirements and preferences. To help you decide the right type of app for your business, have a look at the features and differences between both the types of apps.

Native Apps

An application that is developed specifically for the particular operating system is called a native app. These apps are developed using different coding languages for different operating systems. For example, Java/Kotlin is used to build an app for Android and Objective-C/Swift is used for creating an app for iOS. Apps are developed individually for each platform to boost the performance and give a smooth experience to the users. Designing the app for each platform is different right from visual effects and interface to graphic systems.

Hybrid Apps

A hybrid app is an app that works on all platforms without the need to develop apps for different operating systems. A hybrid app gets its name from the hybridization or a combination of a native app and a web app. A hybrid app might appear like a native app, but it uses web apps to show products. A web app is put in the native app to function properly for all the operating systems. A single app is developed using HTML, JavaScript and other languages that run efficiently on iOS, Android, Windows and other operating systems.

Which one to go for?

If you are having a start-up and want to develop a basic app within four to five months, then opt for hybrid apps. These apps will be developed at a low cost, less time and can serve the purpose of having an app for your business.
Native apps are usually recommended for the companies having a larger target audience and want an interactive app for their business.
Both the apps have pros and cons; you can choose the one that fits your criteria and budget. Thus, at TopNotch Solutions, we have an expert team to help you design both hybrid or native apps for your business. Our team helps you with creating the ideal app that will help your company to grow exponentially.

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