Mobile Apps Trends 2024: What's Next?

Mobile Apps Trends 2024: What's Next?


Mobile applications are undoubtedly a solution for businesses to make use of flawless connections with target audiences and clients. With proper communication and increased implementation of novel products and services, mobile applications have now become a strong tool for marketing. For absorption of benefits completely, you should know about the existing and upcoming trends.

Have you ever noticed the number of apps you have on your mobile? Every day there will be a new feature and enhanced consumer base every moment. Along with that, there are numerous expectations from several users. All are the reflection of the rapid revolutionary changes in mobile applications.

As per the Statista Digital Market Outlook estimation, the revenue in all over the segments will enhance in next few years and reach 613 billion US dollars by the year 2025.

There are about 6.63 million applications on Google and Apple App Store in combination. How to ensure that your application will stand out among others? The truth is you cannot stay until you remain up-to-date with all recent mobile app development trends and have a clear knowledge of how to use them to deliver the best, feature-rich applications.

The mobile application development industry is developing at a rapid speed and for surviving and thriving in this digital era, you should remain acquainted with the altering trends. Failing to track and execute the latest mobile app technology trends is one of the major reasons why most mobile applications are failing.

Improve your app by staying up to date with various mobile app trends in 2024

With numerous mobile app trends emerging this year, here are a few trends of emerging app technologies

The 5G trend

The 5G technology has been around for a while, but this year it has become a buzzword. Companies have started integrating 5G at a full scale and we are seeing many 5 G-enabled devices in the market. 5G will bring a change in the way we are building and using mobile applications. Speed and effectiveness will highly improve including some other things such as

  • 5G will increase up to 100x faster when compared with 4G
  • Inactivity will decrease from 50milliseconds of 4G to 1 millisecond
  • With high resolution, reduced latency and rapid performance, apps that stream videos will see a high improvement
  • 5G will bring various opportunities for AR and VR as incorporating those technologies into the application will become easier.
  • Data transfer between smartphones and devices will be fast and smooth
  • 5G will facilitate developers for building in building novel features with putting any effect on mobile app performances
Voice-enabled interfaces

The increase in the use of smart home devices and wearable has increased the use of voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa. Voice interaction offers more convenience as compared to typing making it a major focus in technological development. Voice search and navigation provide an instinctive and hands-free mode interaction mode. For mobile applications, the incorporation of voice functionalities offers various benefits:

  • Effectiveness: Users can make use of app features using voice commands without navigation of multiple screens. For instance, if you are using a rideshare app, users can make use of a ride by requesting a ride by making use of their voice.
  • Good accessibility: Applications have become more inclusive as well as user-friendly for those individuals having visual impairments.
  • Customization: The application can easily learn from the voice queries of users by providing a more personalized experience.
Internet of Things and increased connectivity

With IoT, mobile applications have become integrated control hubs for several devices. Think of your smartphone as a universal remote which can easily control, supervise and interact with several connected devices. The mobile applications that are powered by IoT are now strong tools for interaction in the real world and prediction analysis. They help in addition to new dimensions of robotics, user assignment and functionality. Some of the examples of these latest developments are:

  • Smart home applications such as Google Home and Apple’s Home Kit use users’ control over thermostats, security cameras and lights.
  • Easy tracking of health and fitness through Fitbit and Apple Watch pair
Beacon technology

This technology has been adopted by several industries starting from retail to hospitality and healthcare. This technology offers advanced features to any mobile application. In the last few years, substantial advancements have been made to this technology. Like for example, if you are a reseller of a mobile app that develops apps for retailers. Your clients can make installation of beacons in their stores that can connect with the smartphone of the user through Bluetooth if in case the app is present in their device. When the user goes by the beacon, they get instant notifications about a sale or any special offer on any products available in that store.

Beacons can also assist in tracking the behavior of a buyer in stores. They can find out if a user is spending a substantial amount of time in a specific aisle. The app can trigger a push notification to entice a sale at a later date about such products. The major benefit of beacon technology is proximity marketing.

Mobile wallets and mobile payments

Mobile commerce played an important role in app development in 2024. But how people are making use of their mobile devices is rapidly evolving. Mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. As per the recent report, there were more than $6.1 billion worth of transactions from mobile wallets in the year 2019 and by 2023, it is expected to reach $13.98 billion. 

Users of smartphones are gradually adopting mobile payments and they are using functionalities of applications for payments on connected wearable devices. In the upcoming years, all the mobile applications out there will account for mobile payment. Mobile wallets should be considered for app development in 2024. Wallet integration will become one of the standard features for all applications that process transactions.


Mobile application development is constantly changing. If you are developing applications today by making use of information from the last two or three years ago, you will not be able to remain competitive. Mobile app industry trends can either make or break the project’s success.

Either a reseller or a mobile app development company, you need to treat the mobile app trends in 2024 with much priority to obtain an edge in your space.

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