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Five Proven Ways to Boost Your Sales through Mobile Apps


At this stage, where everything is available on your smartphones within seconds, not having a mobile app for your business might affect your revenues. According to some reports of Statistica, apps have the potential of generating up to 190 billion by the end of 2020. If you are wondering how can an app have such a huge impact, read some tried and tested ways by which multi-millionaire companies like Amazon are generating humongous revenues.

A personalized space for every user

An app gives you a medium to connect to your customers without any hindrance. The user or the potential buyer will always use your app if it runs smoothly and serves the purpose. The user can also create his/her wish-list and keep a track of upcoming sales and new arrivals. By having an app for your business, you can study the buyers, their age, location and much more. You can analyze this data and make new strategies to target more audience.

Push Notification can boost your sales

One of the most tried and tested tactics in marketing is sending push notifications to the users having your business app on their phone. You can send notifications regarding the sale, discounts, new arrivals and much more. Reports suggest that people do pay attention to such announcements and open the app too. These notifications are the best way to attract customers for introductory and discount offers.

Referral codes and marketing

Digital marketing influences more people today due to the rise in the number of people using smartphones. People hardly watch TV or an ad for that matter. You can give referral codes to the clients using your app, which can benefit them. Sharing these referral codes will be beneficial to your company as the advertising is done by using a digital platform.

Digital word of mouth is stronger than any form of marketing today. You can also team up with bloggers and provide them with referral codes to target the audience or the people watching that blogger.

Promote your products and boost sales

Having the fastest way to reach the target audience gives a chance for your company to promote its products. You can run campaigns or give away discount codes for the first few buyers to attract potential buyers. The apps are a great way to retarget the audience, which will help to boost the overall sales of the company.

Social media and third-party applications

By keeping track of the user’s frequently browsed products, you can also associate with third-party applications to advertise the same products on their site or an app. It has been proven that seeing a product in the wish-list couple of times on different platforms can convince consumers to buy it. Similarly, you can run ads on social media and get traffic for your app.

Mobile apps are undoubtedly the best way to build up a brand and generate good revenues for your business. If you are searching for a company to help you with creating a user-friendly app for your business, then contact TopNotch Solutions. We at TopNotch assist you with getting the ideal app for your business with all the required features. Contact us today to get more information.

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